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Recue is the musical outlet of Riku Annala, a producer/musician hailing from Helsinki, Finland. Musically Recue is exploring left field of electronic music, regardless of genres. The music is often referred to as having heavy influences of dub, ambient, bass focused downtempo and even techno but as he prefers it, it’s better to leave it for the listener to place the tag.

Something which started as a home studio project, manifested as the first Recue release titled “Between Stations” in 2006 on the Louisville based electronica netlabel One. The release was well received and resulted in the bedroom project to move on-stage. Since then Recue has performed in wide range of events from small club nights and lounges to large outdoor festivals.

In 2008 the second Recue album titled “All the Wrong Places” was released on London based label Rednetic Recordings. The album’s CD edition was sold out quickly and the release was featured extensively in the soundtrack of the TV-series Madventures, which opened the music yet to a wider audience.

In the end of 2010 a freely downloadable collection of Recue live tracks and studio experimentations was released by a fresh Finnish independent record label Audiobaum set up by the frequent collaboration partner Jolea. The release is titled “Leftover Love” and the album is a good cut out of the variance that Recue’s music has to offer.

In addition to the material on the albums, remixes for other artists have been featured on labels like Civil Music and Recue has been fortunate to be getting support from DJ’s like Kid Kameleon and James Zabiela. Recue has also contributed commissioned music and sound design for other works, such as a recent score/soundtrack for a theatre play.

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Recue X Jolea Album OUT NOW!
The Time is Now!


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