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Jolea is  a Helsinki-born producer & singer – songwriter who combines electronic, broken rhythms into ethereal soundscapes and wraps them around catchy pop hooks. The driving forces behind her music are her captivating vocal interpretation and melancholic lyrics.jolea_rajattu

Her first five track EP “Ghostly Figures” was released in October 2009 on Audiobaum and was positively acknowledged. Her next release, a double-EP titled “And the Ghosts that Followed”  was released in two parts, the first part “The Remixes (2010) included reworks of the songs on her debut and the second part “The Other Side” (2011) introduced four new haunting songs.

In the past few years Jolea has collaborated with various artists such as DJ Rx, Passing Human Parade – and of course with label mate Recue.

Their collaborative album Recue X Jolea – “We’re Not Like The Most” came out February 20th 2015 on Audiobaum.  The album (Digital & Vinyl) is available at the Audiobaum Shop, Digitally on iTunes, Google Play and streaming on Spotify.

Jolea’s upcoming album ‘Melancholy Meditations’ will be released March 2nd 2016 on Audiobaum. 

Pre-order is open

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